An Historic Event Experience

Located in the heart of Manhattans Finical District the museum is a spectacular event venue that is ideal for hosting corporate, non-profit, and private events.

Complete with much of its original 1920's architecture, the former bank is home to some of the nations most impressive currency exhibits and gold displays.

Offering a unique event experience for guests the museum has quickly become known as "Wall Street's Best Kept Secret". Each year some of New York City's most impressive events chose the museum as their preferred venue. From high profile social events to non profit galas and corporate conferences the museum is sure to get the conversation started for your event.

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  • Wall Street's Best Kept Secret
  • Historical Venue
  • Home to Prolific Currency Displays and Exhibits
  • Flexible Event Venue with Mezzanine and Concourse Levels
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  • 48 Wall St., New York City, NY 10005
  • 1-877-885-0705

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